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Regardless of how you take payments from your customers. Ordo has a payment solution that’s right for you and your business.

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We’ll help you find the perfect payment solution. Simply select the situations that best reflects your organisation.

E-commerce and online customer payments

Bypass the costs and risks for you and your customers of online card payments and accept direct, real time payments from their bank with an Ordo ‘Pay Now’ button.

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Contact centre payments

Whether you are collecting payments from your customers, or making payments out to them, the Ordo platform gives a low cost easy to use, real-time solution and a better customer experience. You can also deploy our refund and pay out solutions to simplify and secure contact centre refunds and pay outs.

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Point of sale payments

Point of Sale payments using QR codes to accept real time bank to bank payments when face to face with your customers.

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Bill and invoice payments

The Ordo request for payment solution uses open banking technology to get your bills and invoices paid securely and error free.

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Refunds and payments out

The Ordo platform allows you to securely and accurately capture bank account details from your customers, including account title, allowing you to make refunds or other payments knowing exactly who you are paying, and that there can’t be any mistakes.

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Accessing Ordo

However you manage payments, Ordo is easy to use, access, and integrate.

Via your payments provider

You may already have access to Ordo’s services via your payments or other software provider. We’re adding new partners on a regular basis and are already integrated into the Contis platform and Siemens Smart Metering service.

Cloud Accounting Integration

If you are a small business you can also connect Ordo to QuickBooks, Sage Business Cloud or Xero to automatically create your payment requests

Direct via Ordo APIs

You can get direct access to all Ordo’s services by connecting your own business applications or back office into Ordo using our simple to use APIs

Bespoke non-API business application integration

Work with our partner, NewOrbit, to connect your business using the Ordo Bridge product. New Orbit can also build you point of sale or contact centre access via Ordo Kiosk.

Web Application

For smaller businesses get direct access, bulk upload and accounting software connection from PCs and Android devices via our web service,

For sole traders

For sole traders, why not get instant access to Ordo wherever you are and stay in control of your finances with our iPhone app.

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About Ordo

Ordo is an Open Banking payments platform reducing the cost of taking payments and making it easier for customers to pay.