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Let’s set the scene: you own a small bakery and have just completed and delivered a large birthday cake that costs £50. Of course, an immediate bank transfer would be nice, but the birthday party is already in full swing and you hate to give your bank details now with the fear that they might get lost in the chaos or get inputted wrong and if that’s the case, you won’t be getting that money back easily. You could call the client tomorrow and they could pay by card over the phone, but then you have to keep those card details secure, and it costs you £2 (4%) and you’d rather have that money yourself, you did all the baking after all!

In less than one minute you can send a smart request for payment, attaching your invoice for £50 to the client using just their email address, mobile number or even WhatsApp. With your Ordo account set up, all you do is easily create a smart request, fill in the amount, your reference, and either let Ordo will do the rest or send a QR code or payment link directly to them. Either way, you can see whether your request has been paid in real-time.

So tonight, after the birthday party chaos is over and your client has paid, Ordo will tell you the £50 is in your bank account, correctly referenced, and you can go about tomorrow, no more worrying about whether clients have paid and matching paid bills with money deposited in your account. 

Better for clients

Ordo is for everyone who has ever asked or had a client or friend ask, “How do I pay you?“, “Do you take cards?“, “Can I do a bank transfer?“. 

  • No costs to your customers 
  • Your clients see exactly who they’re paying before they pay
  • No app download or customer signup needed
  • No sharing of sensitive payments data

With Ordo, the answer is as simple as clicking a secure link and getting an instant transfer.

For everyone

Ordo isn’t just for new businesses that are still working on getting their accounting in order. 

If you pay bills, whether you have 1 or 100 clients, Ordo is the perfect solution to keep everything in one place. 

Track your invoices and bills at a glance and know in real-time who’s paid you and who hasn’t.

Your #1 choice for simple and secure transactions

We pride ourselves on the simplicity and security of Ordo. It’s intuitive for everyone involved and so secure that even our tech team doesn’t know your bank details.

How much does Ordo Cost?

Ordo is free to download and try. We’ll even give you 20 free Smart Requests to get you started. For each Smart Request after that, it will cost a maximum flat fee of 20p (excluding VAT), no matter how large the invoice it might be. That’s it, no hidden fees, no percentage.

You can buy smart requests in bundles and you’re ready to go.

Ordo makes getting paid, easy.


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If you’ve ever been asked “Can I pay you with a card?” or if you’ve ever wondered how to track in real-time who paid you for what, you need Ordo!

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