Transparent single flat fee

Ordo is lowering business costs by 80% or more.

Most card and payments providers charge a monthly fee, charge for a card reader, and deduct a percentage – between 1% and 4% – for each payment you receive….that’s more than £6 on a £200 bill – a couple of coffees or today’s lunch, on every payment.
We think your money should stay with you. We tell you up front how much we charge (£0.20+VAT) – it’s a small single flat fee, and that’s it. Easy.

Costs Calculator

Use our costs calculator to find out how much more you’re paying with other providers compared to Ordo.

Our single flat fee is simple and transparent, and there are no other hidden costs. 

  • Ordo
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Go Cardless
  • iZettle
  • Sumup
£0.20 – Single flat fee
Ordo Fees£ 
2.90% + £0.30 – Updated in June 2020
Paypal Fees£ 
1.40% + £0.20 – Updated in June 2020
Stripe Fees£ 
1% + £0.20 – Updated in June 2020
Go Cardless Fees£ 
2.5% – Updated in June 2020
iZettle Fees£ 
1.69% – Updated in June 2020
Sumup Fees£ 

COVID-19 Special Offer:
Business: 20 Free Smart requests on us!
Personal: 50 Free Smart requests on us!
Because people and businesses need to survive right now, so Ordo is doing its bit to help makes things a little easier



50 smart requests free when you try Ordo out (you can use these 50 any time over the next 5 years).

Plus, every month, we’ll give you another 5 smart requests to send for free. (No roll over of unused monthly smart requests).*

*if you use up your allowance, you can purchase more.





20 smart requests free when you try Ordo out (you can use these 20 any time over the next 5 years).

After that, the Price is: 20p+VAT – flat fee, irrespective of the amount of the transaction, you’ll always pay 20p+VAT


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