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Online and mobile transfers are now a staple in our everyday lives. Whether it’s splitting the bill over dinner, paying back a loan, or putting down your deposit for a new flat – the internet age calls for quick, easy, and safe ways to send and accept online payments.

With Ordo, money management has never been more convenient. We provide a secure app and platform that transfers money from one bank to another faster than you can say: shall we share a dessert?

How It Works

Ordo helps you split and share costs with people, helping friends, family, neighbours and colleagues send money and get paid back easily. Perhaps a bunch of you are chipping in for a friend’s birthday present, or are sharing costs for a weekend trip. Maybe you’re out to dinner with a group, getting paid back for something you bought on behalf of a pal because you had a discount code, or it’s a request to the Bank of Mum and Dad.

Sharing the bill or asking to be paid back can often be a hassle with people forgetting to pay their share, transfers taking too long, and juggling lots of messy calculations.

With Ordo, users can simply send out “smart requests” to others for the amount they owe, and the money requested can be paid back instantly. The person paying you back doesn’t even have to have signed up to Ordo – they’ll get a secure link or QR code allowing them to pay immediately and securely.

Ordo gives you complete control over who, when, and how you pay.

Why Ordo?

Personal finance needn’t be a hassle. Download Ordo today, and step up your money management game.

Fraud Protection

Ordo is FCA regulated – meaning you can have full trust and confidence in every request for payment you send, and any money transfers made across our web site and app – we’ve built in the best protection for all payments – large and small.

Ordo never shares your bank details. Our app allows for electronic funds transfers without revealing your private data to the person paying you – making it the most secure option available.

All your information, requests and payments are protected against fraud; we’ve put a stop to payers inputting the wrong sort code or bank account number – that’s all up to the person requesting payment, as they’re best placed to know.

Fast and Free

For personal use Ordo is free* – and offers some of the speediest transfers around! Paying a smart request is always free.

If you need more smart requests than your free ones, you can buy a bundle.

Ordo sends all payments immediately, so no one’s kept waiting for their money.

* We’ll give you 20 free smart requests (use within 5 years) when you sign up, and 5 free smart requests every month after that (no rollover).

Customer experiences

Anika's Story

Mike, Lakeith, Hannah, and Anika were secondary school students getting set for their night at the prom. The expenses were split between them – each one pitched in for the limo, Mike took care of the flowers, and the girls split the costs between them for the makeup and hairstyling.

Rather than fumbling through PayPal or Monzo to split the bill, Ordo allowed them to simply send Smart Requests to each other. That way, everyone knew exactly what they were paying for and how much, and everyone could settle up immediately.

Ordo offers the perfect solution for contract-free payments, and transfers made instantly, at any time – 24/7.

Through Ordo, group event and holiday planning has never been easier.

Gordon's Story

Gordon and his friends decided to have dinner at their favourite pizzeria. Because he had a voucher, he decided to pay for everyone’s pizza under his discount, and sent them smart requests via Ordo to have them pay back their share.

Ordo provides the fastest, easiest way of splitting the bill among friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. No need to spend time gathering bank account details or following up on money owed; using Ordo, sharing costs is quick and hassle-free.

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