Bundle real-time open banking payments into your service proposition today

The Ordo service platform has been designed for simple integration and delivery by service providers to their clients:

Integrate proven open banking services into your platforms

Ordo is available on a wholesale/white label basis as a component of a partner’s overall payments service or software provision. This enables your business customers to access Ordo’s real-time open banking payment services through their pre-existing payments, merchant services or software providers.

Enrich your payment offering to your customers

Our partners integrate Ordo into their service offering so that they can provide a rich, open banking enabled set of fully managed and regulatorily authorised real-time payment services to their customers, alongside other services such as card payments or customer management software.

How you benefit from working with Ordo

Integrating with Ordo delivers significant benefits to our partners. You and your clients gain access to all the capabilities of Open Banking payment initiation at low cost, without needing specialised knowledge of real-time payments, Open Banking protocols, complex technology development, or needing regulatory authorisation.

Ordo payments (and refunds) cost substantially less to partners than the equivalent card transactions.

Ordo payments are all irrevocable and authorised by end customer’s bank, so there are no chargeback risks to be managed. With Ordo, service providers carry no payment risk from either the customer or their merchant.

Ordo payments are particularly interesting for remote or customer-not-present transactions as they carry no incremental risk over normal payments and are becoming lower friction than the increasingly complex Strong Customer Authenticated (SCA) card transactions. This lowers abandonment rates, a critical issue for merchants.

Ordo’s direct bank to bank payments provide a new option to merchant service providers to offer payments to more risky industry sectors without the higher fees often charged by card schemes.

Ordo payments do not require an expensive and complex PCI DSS environment or special Point of Sale equipment for the merchant allowing service providers to cost effectively serve smaller merchants.


Ordo’s open banking enabled payments give service providers and their customers new choices, including early access to Request to Pay services. Ordo expects its platform to be a SEPA Request to Pay (SRTP) scheme compliant shortly.

Ordo’s platform today provides service providers with open banking enabled e-commerce, contact centre, bill payments and PoS payments and refunds, and will be expanded to real time debits (the strategic replacement for the centralised direct debit service) when that becomes available.

Ordo provides its service providers with a market leading breadth of fully validated consumer and small business payment banks in the UK, and soon across thousands of banking institutions in Europe.

Ordo’s range of wholesale and agency commercial models for service providers can closely align service provider’s and Ordo’s incentives.

Ordo’s management team and staff have exceptional real-time payments and open banking knowledge– in a previous life we ran the UK’s Faster Payments service and designed the Payment Initiation APIs with the Open Banking Implementation Entity.

Partner with Ordo and let us keep you up to date with open banking and all it can offer you and your customers while you concentrate on your value add and customer relationships. Come and talk to us about our wholesale service provider offerings.

If you are a software provider rather than a service provider, but can see Ordo’s services enhancing your customer proposition, talk to us about working with us under our agency arrangements.

Existing partnerships

Ordo is integrated into
banking as a service platform.
Ordo is the latest payment option in
Managed Credit solution for energy providers.
Ordo is the new low-cost payment solution in
Collections service.
Ordo is integrated with
to drive open banking payments in the Public sector