Ordo App

Our App and Web solution gives you everything you need to securely send invoices and request payment, and track who’s paid and who hasn’t.

Our simplest package

Our simplest Request for Payment package – Everything you need to create and securely send bills to your customers. Ordo immediately notifies them by email or SMS of your bill, and within a few taps from the notification they can pay you, securely, directly from their bank account to yours, instantly.

A complete solution

A complete iOS app and webapp solution. No integration required, just register and use it.

Ordo securely

Ordo manages all the messages between you and your customer, securely and in real time.

Example use cases

If you’re a sole trader or small/medium business or organisation sending bills to your clients and customers. And you can even request pay back from your friends and family!

With Ordo there's no headache or hassle, just happy

Make life easier for you and your customers with Ordo today!