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Organise your life with easy
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An organised life starts with your finances. Whether you’re a business or individual, Ordo allows you to request payments, smartly, wherever you and your customers are.

Gone are the days of matching bank transfers to invoices, nagging clients to pay you, and mistyped account numbers. 

Keep it easy. Keep it organised.

No Numbers & Low Fees

Forget bank details. There’s no risk of typos and the Ordo single flat fee is much lower than the card fees you’re incurring right now. You’ll pay 20p + VAT tops for an instant transfer.

100% secure bank transfer

With Ordo, you don’t need to ask yourself if a bank transfer is safe. There’s no risk of invoice fraud, no risk of your email being hacked and your bank details being changed to the fraudster’s. 

Your bank account information is completely confidential and we don’t share account details. The information belongs to you and your bank, and we believe that it should stay that way.

 Payment has never been so secure.

Invoice tracking

Have complete control over your invoices. With Ordo, at a glance, you can see who has paid you and who hasn’t. You’ll also receive real-time notifications when an invoice has been read and when it’s been paid. The platform is easy to navigate and clients can pay you in less than 2 minutes, without  signup. Imagine never setting aside a full day or even hour to send out your invoices and follow up with clients again!

How It Works

1. Signup and link your bank account

Download the app from the Apple app store or sign up for Android and PC. Follow the on-screen prompts to get started. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up your profile and link your bank account; you decide what bank account you’ll be paid into and Ordo never shares your account details.

2. Request a payment using a Smart Request

Click the + to create a new smart request, fill in your client’s email or mobile number, input the amount they owe, references and attach your invoice – these can’t be changed by your client and your reference appears exactly as you want on your bank statement. You can also allow your customers to ask for longer to pay, or to pay your bill in multiple part payments it’s entirely up to you and within your control. Your client will be immediately notified of your smart request for payment – by email, app notification or text.

3. Get Paid

Ordo will instantly notify you and your client whenever a smart request for payment has been sent, read, and paid. 

The moment your customer pays, the money is safe and sound in your bank account.

How you create a smart request

How your client pays a smart request

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Stop paying to get paid and stop spending your precious time trying to organise your finances. Ordo does the work for you without costing an arm and a leg.

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