Reduce costs

Enhanced customer experience

Reduce fraud risks

Easy integration

Benefits of choosing Ordo

Reduce costs

Ordo saves 80% or more on transaction costs with a flat fee per transaction. Ordo also makes payments easier to collect and reconcile.

Enhance customer experience

Build better relationships with your customers by increasing communication and giving them flexible payment options.

Reduce fraud risks

Protect your organisation and customers from fraud with Ordo's built in security features. Give customers peace of mind and avoid chargebacks.

Easy integration

Integrate Ordo with existing billing platforms and CRM tools. White labelling gives you the option to customise both the biller and payer experience.

Ordo Enterprise solutions

Ordo has built a range of Open Banking enabled solutions to assist large businesses in any sector. Whether it’s point of sale (POS), eCommerce, or bill payments and call centres, Ordo has a solution that’s right for your organisation.


Get your customers from product pick to payment, with minimised abandoned baskets, using our easy payment process on your website or payment portal, and make refunds

Bill payment

Utilise our request for payment product to get your bills paid efficiently with real-time notifications and automatic reconciliation, including insurance and dividend payments

Point of sale

Share secure links and display instant QR codes for in-person payments and multi-channel sharing - all with instant payment cleared straight into your bank account.

Integrating Ordo is simple.

We’ve made it easy for developers to build Ordo into payments platforms, billing tools, and CRM tools with our Open API.

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Get Ordo’s view on the payments landscape; where it’s come from and what the future holds.

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Nationwide Building Society through NBS Ventures Ltd. has invested in Ordo.

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Switch to Ordo and reduce your payments costs.


Ordo means you can replace slow, expensive and hard to process card and other traditional methods of collecting payment, with instant, safe and secure, payments which will be paid directly into your bank account of choice, automatically correctly referenced, powered by Open Banking. You set up the payment you need to receive in the Ordo platform via our APIs and Ordo manages the entirety of the open banking payments process with your customer, keeping you informed of payments progress in real time. When the customer makes their payment, it’s direct into your bank account and Ordo informs you straight away.

There’s no sign up or app download needed by your customer, and within 3 clicks from the text, email notification or Pay Now button, your customer can pay, securely, authorising the payment Ordo has set up for them within their own familiar bank domain – they don’t need to set up or enter anything.


Your customers receive a secure tokenised link in an email or text. They will clearly be able to see, at a glance, who’s asking them to pay, what for and how much, and within 3 clicks, they can have made the payment to you from their bank where Ordo will have already set up the payment for them to authorise. Ordo confirms to them they have successfully paid.

If your customer chooses to, they can sign up with Ordo or download the Ordo app. If they do this, they can see all their payment requests sent through Ordo, request money through Ordo themselves, keep a check on what they’ve paid and what they haven’t, when bills are due, who’s paid them and who hasn’t, all in one place.


Ordo integrates with your systems via our simple APIs. They use complete business actions like “send a request for payment to this customer”, “Have I been paid yet by this customer”. Generating payment requests is easy, and as Ordo uses the UK’s instant internet and mobile bank transfer service, Faster Payments, if you already accept bank transfers from your customers, the payment receipt integration is probably already done. Ultimately this is dependant on the depth of integration you want with your systems, through consultation our team can help determine the correct integration approach for your business


Credit and debit cards fees – cards cost at least 0.5 – 2.5% of transaction value to process ➔ Ordo is a maximum single flat rate of 20p or less (depending on volumes) per transaction, no matter the amount being paid.

Cash and cheque processing – significant bank handling costs ➔ Ordo has no hidden charges, only the single flat fee of 20p or less (depending on volumes). And because it’s electronic and comes with automatic reconciling, there are no indirect costs.

Cheque and card settlement – cheques will not always settle and card payments are subject to charge-backs ➔ the instant payment received via Ordo is irrevocable , eliminating additional direct and indirect costs of charge backs and refund payments.
Ordo is instant payment, cleared directly into your bank account the moment your customer pays – no hidden fees, no delay, no repay.


With Ordo, you receive payment in cleared funds directly into the bank account you choose the moment your customer pays, eliminating settlement delay and risk.


You decide the reference your payments carry all the way back into your bank statement, and this reference can’t be changed by your customer, so referencing is correct and automatic every time, saving you time and money. No manual intervention necessary.


The Ordo platform and the payment journeys can be customised to your brand and your clients’.


All your customer needs is mobile banking, either via the internet or their bank’s app. They don’t need to sign up with Ordo or download the Ordo app. Whether your customer is using our bill payment solution, QR code functionality or eCommerce, all solutions are optimised for mobile use.


The payment request will come from you. We can also help you with any communications you want to send explaining the actual payment steps where the FCA require us to show our brand. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA and on the public register for FCA authorised companies.


Ordo has developed processes and tools to deliver a range of services supporting a business growing, from bulk upload and accounts packages integration, to AI robotic data capture to save you time. With Ordo you can get your e-commerce, invoice, call centre and PoS payments made through our platform. You can also make refunds and validated pay outs to your customers knowing exactly who you are paying.


Daily reports are available at a system level detailing the number of payment requests raised, paid or outstanding, with date range specifications available. Coming soon ➔ Ordo is developing self service reports that will be accessible in real time.

Coming soon!

Right now, Ordo is live in the UK supporting domestic sterling payments. We’re working on expanding into the EU now, with the USA, Canada, Australia and the Far East following shortly after that. Sign up to our mailing list here to be sure to hear the moment we cross borders.

About Ordo

Ordo is an Open Banking payments platform reducing the cost of taking payments and making it easier for customers to pay.