Ordo – Getting paid made easy

A better way to collect payments by… reducing costs, improving reconciliation, increasing security & making it easier for your customers to pay

Benefits to your business…

Ordo is a disruptive, market leading, FCA authorised service that makes getting paid easy and customer relationships more profitable. Allowing your business to request, make and receive payments, instantly and irrevocably.

Brought to you by the team who led the Faster Payment Scheme, Ordo has started to revolutionise the way businesses get paid.

Making it easier for your customer to pay

Improving cash flow through real time payments

Saving cost with a low fixed price per transaction

Providing a solution protected against invoice fraud

Effortless reconciliation of payments

Ordoputting payments where they belong – directly into your bank account without delay

Ordo makes you a simple promise – our solution enables you to transform how you process your payments.

The Ordo service can improve your payments process by…

Invoice payments

Send out your Ordo Smart Request for payment with invoices attached via myordo.com, iOS app, bulk uploads, or integration via accounting packages or APi integration.

E-commerce checkout

Deliver an easy and secure checkout experience accepting payments via web, mobile or online chat

Subscription payments

Implement a subscription request for payment service to your customer base, creating a frictionless method to pay

Account top up

Allow your customers to fund accounts at sign up and continue to make scheduled or ad hoc deposits

You’ll find us great to deal with and responsive to your needs, we can help you identify specific use cases to improve collecting payments for your business.

Supported by our leading-edge technology and investment partners, CGI, AND Digital and Nationwide Building Society. Ordo leverages Open Banking to build a win win, for you and your customers 

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