Ordo Developer Portal

Organise your finances and never miss a bill or payment again

 This portal is intended for developers who want to integrate with our APIs to interact with the Ordo platform for actions like sending smart requests and obtaining their Ordo payment information. Our APIs rely on the RESTful best practices and they follow a resource based URL form.

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Ordo is a Request for Payment provider that harnesses the potential of Open Banking to deliver a better way for businesses to bill their customers, and for those customers to pay in a secure, cost-effective way

Ordo has three core options for how our billing clients work with Ordo.  Two are available for all clients; ‘Send via Ordo’ and ‘Biller delivery” and the third is specific to financial institutions that want to receive money into a large number of separate accounts; e.g. to support their savings or loan repayment propositions

Send via Ordo

This is the simplest service; you submit Requests for Payment and Ordo sends them out to the payer. Anything addressed to a mobile number will go from Ordo’s SMS service. Anything addressed to an email address will go with a ‘from‘ name of “BillerName via Ordo <info@myordo.com>”  


Biller delivery

Designed for billers who want to manage the presentment of the smart rquest to their customer themselves. Ordo returns a URL unique to each smart request, which you present to you customer by whatever medium you want. Possibilities include:

  • Own-branded email
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • Chatbot
  • E-commerce ‘Pay Now’ button on a web-page
  • QR Code

Financial Institution

Available to firms authorised to hold client funds, these APIs enable you to add as many customer accounts to your ‘send’ capability as you like. Each smart request would present the name of the account that funds are to go to – giving a more personalised touch to your services.
Used in conjunction with ‘Biller delivery’ you can tailor the message you give your customers, driving up savings deposits, improving your reconciliation of incoming funds, and boosting your liquidity, whilst at the same time makingit simpler for your customers to pay into their accounts

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