Dirty money….

In September of last year, the title “dirty money” would’ve had you anticipating very different content. Just over a year ago today, for the first time in the UK, people spent more money with cards than with cash, and now this transition to cashless methods of payment has just moved over to the fast lane …

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You’ve been scammed!

It’s a sad fact – if there is a crisis there are always scammers willing to exploit it for personal gain. The Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. As early as the first week in lockdown, the government published an alert warning the public that Covid-19 scams were already appearing. Common scams include fake emails purporting …

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Money Personality

When you think about your relationship with money, what words or ideas spring to mind? Maybe it’s fun and big nights out, perhaps it’s planning and pensions, or it could be nothing at all because you’d rather spend your time thinking about anything other than money. One thing is clear, we all have different money …

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