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Inside Ordo’s UX

Fliss Berridge, professional trombonist turned co-founder of Ordo, talks about the importance of UX and how Ordo is challenging the Payments Industry. So, Fliss, what does…
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Inside Ordo – The integration

More and more organisations, both with in-house and outsourced payment services from a variety of sectors, are using specialist systems and profiting from the many advantages they bring.
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Open banking payments

After twenty years of progressively complex security fixes being applied to card and bank payments, making life more expensive and complex for both businesses and their customers, new open banking payments regulation and technology has allowed innovative regulated payments institutions like Ordo to start again from scratch. They now offer new open banking enabled payments options for businesses that are not only easy to use, but inherently more safe and secure for both the business and their customers.
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Dirty money….

In September of last year, the title “dirty money” would’ve had you anticipating very different content. Just over a year ago today, for the first…
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You’ve been scammed!

It’s a sad fact – if there is a crisis there are always scammers willing to exploit it for personal gain. The Covid-19 pandemic is…
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Home sweet Home Work?

Rising at the crack of dawn to get the early morning train. Zooming down a cycle super highway surrounded by slew of other frantic cyclists.…
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Blood, sweat and….gyms?

After almost four months closed because of Covid-19, July was finally the month where gyms and indoor pools began to open in England, Wales, and…
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Money Personality

When you think about your relationship with money, what words or ideas spring to mind? Maybe it’s fun and big nights out, perhaps it’s planning…
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World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health day, Ordo is doing its bit to break the taboo and spread the word about suicide prevention – hard hitting, but literally vital.

Ordo and CGI addressing billing fraud

Fliss from Ordo and Sean from Ordo’s technology partner, CGI, chat about how Ordo helps combat invoice fraud and why this matters to billers and their customers

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