About us

A new way to pay and be paid – fixing payments with open banking

Our platform

Our highly secure, cloud based, open banking enabled payments platform provides businesses large and small with low cost, secure and easy to use e-commerce, Point of Sale and invoice payments direct from their customer’s bank accounts into their own bank accounts.

Our platform handles all the complexity of setting up, initiating, and tracking open banking payments for over 98% of UK consumer and small business bank accounts.

We manage not only the specialised open banking and instant payments flows, but the business process requirements of businesses and every step of the interaction with their end customers, providing customisable payment journeys for each business client.

Businesses can access the Ordo platform in a number of ways: though an Ordo Merchant Acquirer/PSP payments partner, via Ordo’s modern APIs, and for smaller businesses, through our integrations with QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero accounting software or directly via Ordo’s web/app interfaces.

Ordo also uses open banking payments to deliver refunds and secure customer pay outs as well as enhanced account validation services.

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Our story

In 2015
Since the launch in 2008 of Faster Payments, one of the world’s first mass market instant payment systems, our team had been working to bring the benefits of low cost, real time 24x7 bank to bank payments to more of the UK economy. In 2015, working with the Bank of England, the team successfully opened up the Faster Payments service to new challenger banks like Monzo and Starling and shortly after even non-banks like Wise (TransferWise)
In 2016
From 2016 onwards we opened up Faster Payments even further, working directly with the Open Banking Implementation Entity to make sure all the special features of Faster Payments would be fully available to the FCA’s soon to be authorised Payments Initiation Service Provider (PISP) community, allowing them to build innovative new services for businesses and consumers on top of Faster Payments.
Founded in 2018
Ordo was founded by the former management team of the UK’s Faster Payments Scheme in 2018 to use open banking payments to provide businesses with a much-needed alternative to slow, high-cost card payments and insecure direct bank payments.

In 2018, with the job of opening up Faster Payments done, the team established a new company, Ordo (we’re actually called the Smart Request Company Ltd) to be one of the FCA’s first PISPs and start building these innovative new services. Our FCA Firm Registration Number is 836070.
In 2019 — till now
Working with world class technology partners like CGI and AND Digital, we completed build of our open banking payments platform in 2019, going live for customers with invoice payment services in March 2020, adding e-commerce and Point of Sale capabilities as well as refunds and out payments in 2021.

We are still adding distribution and product partnerships with third parties that want to bring Ordo to their customers or integrate the Ordo capabilities into their broader payments and non-payments customer offerings. In the next stage of our development, we will be adding real time direct debits to the platform in the UK as well as expanding our geographic coverage to the Eurozone and beyond.


Our backers

Ordo is backed by a number of private investors, Nationwide Building Society Ventures, CGI (The global IT services business) and the UK Government’s Future Fund.