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The Ordo Mission

We invented Ordo with one goal: to improve the financial wellbeing of everyone, but especially those underserved in the payments market: small and medium businesses, and their business owners doing everything they can to serve their customers. We believe the ability to make fast, easy, and secure mobile and online payments should be available to everyone, and not cost the earth. No more tracking delayed payments or stressing over a potential hack attack. When you use Ordo, you know you have immediate payments and peace of mind.

Supportive, Approachable
and Helpful

We always start by listening to and thinking of the needs and situation of our users. We offer support while allowing individuals to retain responsibility. We embrace ideas, wherever they come from, including you.

We believe Ordo is fairer
to everyone...

We’re straightforward and believe in providing a service that is fairer for everyone. We’re building a continually improving platform, and the more people that join, the better for all.

Empowering You

We’re empowering consumers and businesses to improve and maintain their financial wellbeing by putting them in control of their finances. We make it easy to see exactly what you need to pay and when, which makes it easy to see what’s left for what you want.

Meet The Team | Our Story

Ordo’s founders are Craig, Fliss, George, Mike, and Nick. We are longtime coworkers and the brains behind Ordo. In our lives before Ordo, we were the leadership team at the Faster Payments Scheme which ran all online and mobile payments in the UK.

During our time at Faster Payments, we opened up the payment system to more than double the number of banks and building societies that could offer their customers immediate online and mobile payments. And we thought up a new model that allowed non-bank type companies to offer instant and secure online and mobile payments too – all these companies were trying to find ways to serve their customers, and we helped them on their way.

Once we’d opened up the Faster Payments system, we began to ask ourselves: “..but could payments be even better for even more people?”

Could we build a system that kept invoices safe from fraudsters and being hacked, give businesses their income instantly and without deduction of fees, allow consumers to have flexibility in managing their payments and give everyone control over their finances….in short, improved financial wellbeing?

We came up with a “request-for-payment service” – one that worked well for everyone.

And that’s what we’ve built. As the legend goes, Fliss waited in a local cafe one day for Ordo to be incorporated, and now, after a couple of years spent researching, testing, building, a bit more sitting in cafes and head-scratching over ideas both good and bad, we’ve got Ordo – secure instant payments, and invoice and payment tracking at a glance, giving everyone the flexibility and control to feel completely on top of their finances, all the time and in real time, wherever they are…and it’s super easy to use.

The Ordo Promise

Whether you’re a business owner, head up a department, a charity or a consumer, you deserve control over what you have coming in and going out of your bank account. When it comes to a matter as important, delicate and personal as finances, you need a service you can trust. The Ordo promise is that we’ll give you a fraud-free, instant, secure and low-cost billing and payment solution that will save you time and money.

We are regulated by the FCA, have investment from Nationwide and have your financial wellbeing at heart, we’re the company to trust with your invoicing, billing and payments.

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