Reduce your payment costs by 80% or more.

Save money with Ordo’s single, flat fee per transaction of only 20p+VAT. If you handle high volumes of payments, you’ll pay even less.

It’s always free to pay with Ordo - no sign up or download needed


For Individuals FREE

Up to 5 smart requests per month.


For sole traders & SMEs 20p+VAT per transaction

Up to 10,000 Smart requests


For large companies

Get in touch to find out about volume option pricing

Payment Partners

For payment facilitators

Get in touch to find out about wholesale option pricing

Payment comparison

Check out the chart below to compare the cost of payments with Ordo vs PayPal, Stripe, Go Cardless, iZettle, and SumUp.

  • £100 value transaction
  • £5000 value transaction

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